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Chris is a hugely experienced and versatile songwriter and composer of music for film, television, library and commercials. Having founded Final Touch Productions in 1988, he also subsequently became one of the UK’s most respected producers of media music, in which capacity he has helped to develop the careers of many other talented composers over the past 25 years.


Chris is also known for his work in the field of creators’ rights. He is a director of PCAM, a member of the Media Executive Committee of BASCA and the committee of FACE, the Film and Audiovisual Composers of Europe and acts as advisor to and spokesman for ECSA, the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance. 

Listen: Music for Film & TV

Listen: Music for Film & TV

Listen: Advertising

Listen: Advertising

Listen: Songs

Listen: Songs

Visit: PCAM

Visit: PCAM

Chris Advertising


  • Wake Up Tomorrow (KPM)

  • Beautiful People (Cavendish)

  • Evolutions (The Scoring House)



  • American Power

  • Big Lies of the 2oth Century

  • The Champagne Years

  • Equinox

  • Saudi International News

  • Survival

  • Charles Dickens's England

  • Eye to Eye

  • The Fashion Programme

  • Giving Evidence

  • MBC Breakfast

  • Rock 'n ROM

  • Telegraph Action Sports



  • Martini

  • Clerical & Medical

  • Nurofen

  • Singapore Airlines

  • Eurostar

  • Tango

  • Air Wick

  • Hoover

  • Becks

  • Hyundai

  • Budweiser

  • Ocean Spray

  • Durex

  • Oil of Olay

  • Expedia

  • Tropicana

  • Winston



  • Hysteria

  • The Beauty Queen of Leenane



  • CIC Video

  • Deutsche Telekom

  • Expedia

  • MTV

Chris Songs

Music for Film & TV

Music for Advertising


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